Cosmetic Services

Baker Dental combines creative vision with precise skill to transform our patients’ smiles. Whether you want to brighten your pearly whites, mask flaws on your front teeth, or refurbish your whole mouth, we can transform your smile from drab to dazzling. A few cosmetic adjustments can boost confidence and change your outlook. If you have put off updating your smile, don’t wait any longer. We provide a variety of options to match your unique desires and accommodate your budget, including:


  • Botox and Dermal Fillers – Good news! Now you can visit Dr. Baker for your dental and esthetic needs. Most people have heard of the amazing results of Botox treatment on wrinkles, but did you know that Botox and dermal fillers are now provided for therapeutic and esthetic treatments by dentists? These state of the art techniques have been successfully used in orthodontics, prosthodontics, for TMJ and facial pain, periodontics, dental implants and for restorative and esthetic dentistry.
  • Invisalign – If you want to straighten your teeth without the irritation and hassle of metal braces, we have a solution. Invisalign, a revolutionary orthodontia, uses a series of clear, custom aligners to adjust teeth into preferred position. You can claim a stunning, straight smile without compromising a sophisticated image. To learn more about Invisalign, click here.
  • Veneers – Dr. Baker often recommends veneers to close gaps, lengthen teeth, or cover stains, chips, and imperfections. Veneers require two or three appointments, so you can have the smile of your dreams in a matter of weeks! On your first appointment, Dr. Baker will shape your teeth and make impressions that the ceramist will use to handcraft your veneers. We place Lumineers and da Vinci veneers, as well as veneers from other quality dental labs. On your second visit, Dr. Baker will polish your teeth and permanently attach the veneers. After treatment, patients leave our office with long lasting, beautiful smiles! Click here for more information about veneers.
  • Whitening – You can turn a good smile into a great smile with whiter teeth. Dr. Baker offers Zoom! in-office whitening, which can safely lighten your teeth eight to ten shades in about an hour. We also create custom take-home trays, so patients can brighten their smiles in the comfort of home. Take-home teeth whitening can yield the same amazing results as in-office whitening, however it may take 7 to 14 days. Some patients experience mild sensitivity after whitening, but it lessens over time. Having a bright, vibrant smile has never been easier, so call our office today.
  • Smile Makeovers